Saturday, 20 June 2009

So, I like to do this thing for my team at work. I continue the tradition started by ... actually, I'm not sure who started it. I know Patty was doing it before me, but IDK if she was following tradition, too, or if she came up with it. Anyway, I keep track of everyone's birthdays & work anniversaries, and I pass around cards for everyone to sign & organize treats. Usually the treats are a traditional cake or ice cream pie, but that gets boring after awhile. Or, routine. *laugh* So, this time I put fruits & veggies on the choice list for our birthday peeps, and they chose them! My friend, Marty, mentioned she had some leftover veggies from her daughter's graduation party & offered to bring them in. Yay! She also makes this amazing veggie dip, which is pictured in the crock to the left of the veggies. : )
Shannan kindly helped me by cutting up the oranges & pineapple. Didn't she do a great job?!

We recruited Jeff to cut up the watermelon, while I tried to cut up the mango. I ended up butchering it. from 2 mangos, that (lower right corner) is all the actual fruit we got!! D'oh!

Doesn't it all look delicous? It really was! I'm so proud of our team, and how much they come together to celebrate & everything.

Saturday, 6 June 2009


It looks a litle like a hungry hobo sammich, but it's a mushroom & swiss Runza. Delicious sandwich I can only get in Omaha, as it's a regional restaurant, apparently! It's ground beef & onion cooked together w/, in this case, delicious mushrooms & swiss cheese. They have crinkly fries, too. All Very Yummy! : )

I also had these awesome nachos at a diner at Harrah's casino. They were STACKED. of course, do you think I took a picture of them? *sigh* I've been doing this food blog thing for awhile now & STILL I forget! Oye.

We were supposed to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner before the Yanni concert, but plans went slightly awry, so ... no Thai! : ( Ah well, maybe next time I'm in Omaha! : )