Saturday, 30 January 2010

New Take on an Old Favorite

This is a grilled cheese sandwich & fries, from Riefe's.  You will notice there are a couple of unusual things sandwiched between the grilled and cheese portions, yes?  Those would be bacon and tomato.  If you haven't experienced bacon & tomato (or just tomato, if you are veg), I think you've been missing out!  It's like a BLT, but with Cheese instead of Lettuce.  The saltiness of the bacon perfectly compliments the relative blandness of tomato, and the cool tomato compliments the warm, melty cheese, and hopefully CRISP bacon.  (Of course, this could just be because I love crisp bacon!)

Give it a try, next time you're in the mood for grilled cheese.  Let me know what you think!  : ) 

And remember - fries taste better w/ ranch. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Red Lobster

Once again, I forgot to take the picture BEFORE I ate.  I've been a really bad food blogger lately! 
Pictured here is a delicious cheddar biscuit and shrimp alfredo linguini.  Fabulous combination, I must say.  The biscuit was fresh, warm, buttery (without butter) and just the right amount of saltiness.  Yum!  The shrimp were plump & the alfredo sauce was somewhat unusual.  I'm not sure what the "hidden" flavor was, but it was tastey!  I also had a really beautifully prepared plank cooked salmon.  I'm picky about salmon, likely because the first time I tried it, I was in Alaska & it was FRESH.  So far, the best has been from the brunch buffet at Thunder Bay.  Hopefully I'll be able to go back there soon!!  This one could have probably tied with it.  Very good! 

Even more enjoyable than the food last night, tho, was our server.   I think her name was Missy.  She was friendly, of course, and handled my sometimes demanding companion with panache.  She brought everything to us in good time, refilled my water before I got to the bottom, and didn't hover.  I left a little over 20% for a tip, which isn't normal for me.  I'm usually strictly a 15% tipper at dinner. 

What's your favorite seafood?  Where do they have the best of your favorite?  Comment below.  You know you want to!  ; ) 

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Taco Dip

Tonight, I decided to make some taco dip.  I think it turned out pretty well.  What do you think?  Wanna chip to dig in?  ; ) 

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Homemade Fast Food Chicken Salad

Sadly, there is no picture because I couldn't get it to LOOK appetizing.  However, I promise, it was DELICIOUS! 

I got chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A - which, honestly has the BEST and possibly healthiest chicken nuggets out there.  I asked for some packets of mayo & their yummy Chick Fil A sauce.  I'd been to Sonic this morning for a free Route 44 Strawberry Limeade, and picked up a little packet of sliced apples as well.  Even tho I give them a lot of business, I don't like to ONLY get the free item if I have cash, ya know? 

So, when I got home, I cut up the nuggets & apples and mixed them together w/ 1 packet of mayo & 1 packet of sauce.  SOOOOO GOOOD!  I think it would also have been yummy with a smattering of pecans or rasins.  If you ever are looking for a fairly cheap, quick lunch that tastes like it took awhile to make, I highly recommend this method.  It'd be even cheaper if you had apples at home!!  : ) 

Until next time, bon apetit!