Saturday, 4 July 2009

Independence Day Feast

Devilled eggs are a must!
Mmmm...grilled hot dogs! There were also brats, cheddar brats, and hamburgers.

Red, white & blue cake was delicious!! it had raspberry filling btwn layers of yellow cake. Sooooo good! I wish I'd been able to have more than one piece! Heh. Behind the cake is mom's wonderful taco dip, by the way. Yummy!

A must-have for any family gathering - Pickle & Olive tray!
And finally, one of my favorite things, and a new thing - Kodiak crab stuffed mushrooms!! Again, something I wish I'd taken more of, but I was trying not to be greedy! *laugh* So yummy, tho! I hope she makes them again. : )
And aside from the food, it was just a really nice party. Got to spend time w/ family & visit, and even if it was rainy, that didn't matter because the party was in the garage! : )

Friday, 3 July 2009

Lunardi's and Panda Express

I met my friend Michelle for dinner on Wednesday. Lunardi's is a family Italian restaurant tucked in a strip mall by a bigger mall. : ) It's a nice atmospher, and they're a Pepsi place, which earns automatic points!

Michelle had a sausage rigatoni dish that looked really good. I was considering that or the dish I ordered. She said hers was really good, so if I go back, I'll definitely order it!

I ordered the Ravioli Alfredo. It was good, but not OOOOOHHHHH good, ya know? I think if the ravioli would have been stuffed w/ sausage or chicken or even spinach instead of just cheese, it would have been a better contrast. But, to be fair, I did have Pumpkin Curry for lunch, and that is all kinds of flavor! So I am willing to give the restaurant another shot. *laugh*

You also get a basket of garlic bread. Again, not the most flavorful, but good. I ate 4 pieces, it must be good, right? : )

The soup was VERY good, tho! Michelle had minnestrone & I had meatball. If the ravioli had been stuffed w/ meatball, it would have been amazing! : )

Tuesday, Shannan & I went to Panda Buffet. They are also a Pepsi establishment, so points again! : ) Their buffet has a lot of choices - rice, noodles, crab ragoon, pork spring rolls, egg rolls, spicy stuff, mild stuff, sushi, a grille, crab legs, oysters, fruit/veggie bar (salad)... And it's all very well done! The fillings for their rolls & ragoon are delicious!

Oh, yeah, and for dessert - CREAM PUFFS! : )
That's all. Give it a shot. If you're in the area, give me a call & I'll be more than happy to go again! : )