Friday, 22 April 2011

Tsunami Buffet

You know I love the Chinese buffet!  This one opened near me recently, and I'd heard mixed reviews.  Mom had a coupon that expired today, so we thought we'd check it out - and my brother Phil decided to join us, as well!  This was a real treat because he works 3rd shift & so it's not very often that he's up for normal lunch time!  : )  

Once again I have no pictures for you, but a story that will hopefully serve just as well.  : )  

Tsunami has a really neat set up.  They have a HUGE sushi station - there were at least 10 roll options, of which I sampled 6 and enjoyed 5.  There weren't labels on the rolls, which was slightly disappointing as I don't know exactly what I was eating in order to order it anywhere else!  *laugh*  There was a salmon roll that I recognized which was made perfectly, tho!  Yummy!  They also have a hibachi grill, fairly large fruit offerings, and the "normal" Chinese buffet fair - sesame seed donuts, crab ragoon, green beans, stuffed crabs, mushrooms, and a salad bar.  Including baby Oscars, of course!  I wasn't impressed w/ the cottage cheese, which as you may know is a staple of my diet!  lol  

Mom said they have good tea, so I tasted, and she was right!  And it was free w/ our meal!

All in all, I like the set up, I like the tea, I loved the sushi.  I'll be back!  : )  

Until next time, what's your make-or-break for a Chinese buffet?  

Sunday, 10 April 2011

random meal day

I don't have a lot of pictures for you today, because I'm a dork & didn't take any!  Just one of my new mug, holding some delicious Chai from Tastefully Simple.  (And Angel sniffing around... *grin*) 

However, I wanted to share this day's meals, because it was the first time in a long time that I actually made THREE meals for myself and enjoyed all of them!  Usually, even on my rest-days, I'll find myself going out for at least one meal.  

Today, I made a delicious cheese & sausage (Butterball turkey sausage) omelet for breakfast, grilled cheese & tomato soup for lunch, and corn & tomato salad & fish fillets (w/ a sprinkle of cheese - i ate a lot of cheese today!  that's probably what made me so happy w/ the meals!  lol).  

Butterball turkey sausage is amazing!  Some fully cooked sausages get tough when you microwave them, but these plump up perfectly in 2 minutes.  Also, Del Monte No Salt Added kernel corn is amazing!  I've been noticing the sodium contents of foods lately, and it's really scary!  Of course, I'm not really sure what a "good" amount of daily sodium is, but ... 1500g in one serving of something seems just wrong somehow.  Especially if that something is supposed to be a "healthy" option!  Goodness!  

So, I'm pretty happy w/ my food choices today.  My evening snack - if I have one before bed - will likely be some yummy Fiber Plus honey oat cereal.  Mmmm!  

Until next time - what'd you eat that was delicious today?  : )