Monday, 25 May 2009

Mussaman Curry and Arthur's Garden Deli

Friday & Saturday were great food days!

Friday, Shannan & I went to Exotic Thai for lunch, and I tried a new curry dish, Mussaman Curry. It was delicious & I will totally order it again! It's chicken & potatoes & peanuts in a sweet, coconutty/peanutty sauce. There was quite a lot of it, too, which I was pleasantly surprised about. I love their Yellow Curry, too, but you don't get ENOUGH of it, so I don't order it. If I'm going to pay $7 or $8 for a dish, I'd like to be FULL from it, ya know? Anyway! Yum! : )

Saturday, I met Erin for lunch at Arthur's. This deli has the most amazing ingredients. I ordered a turkey & bacon sandwhich, w/ cheddar cheese, mayo, tomato & green pepper. Delicious! They also have amazing baked potatoes, soups, cheesecakes (from Eli's) and salads. You can also get 1/2 or a whole kosher dill pickel. Sooooo good!!!

It's currently 10:30 at night & I have to work tomorrow, but all this food reminiscing is making me hungry! *laugh*

Have a great night & keep me in mind if you have some new restaurant ideas! Oh, I will be traveling this coming weekend & will hopefully have LOTS of photos & food reports when I return! : )

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Machine Shed

Down home cooking! They start you off with bread & butter and family style sides (in our case, cottage cheese & chunky apple sauce).

Angie ordered roast pork tenderloin with sage dressing and carrots. I ordered the Tangy Tenderloin, stuffed with sausage & served with sour cream & brandy soaked cherries. Mmmm! For my side, I chose sweet potato fries which are a bit more nutritious than regular potato fries. *laugh* it was fun visiting & the food was scrumptious! didn't even need to order dessert, because the bread basket included spice cake that went very well w/ the applesauce! : ) YUMMY!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mi Ka Ti

Today was another Thai day, and a new dish for Carrie! : )

It was delicious, but I did have to remove the red onions & cilantro, because there was just TOO MUCH! But the rest of the dish was delicious, and I will definitely order it again. It's rice noodles, minced & seasoned chicken, & peanuts in a coconut cream sauce. Soooo tastey!! I hope you enjoy the photo! I also took one of the stuff I had to remove. *laugh* And just for kicks I'm including an adorable picture of Leyton & Mom from tonight. : )

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Catching Up

Friday, Shannan, Lola, Marisa, Jamie & I went to Exotic Thai. Maurice had told me about the thai spaghetti a couple days earlier, and I decided to give it a try. Basically a thin spaghetti noodle with minced chicken (or tofu, if you'd like) and various veggies & spices. The basil leaves were crispy & mixed in well with the dish. The veggies I tasted/observed were mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, carrot, and onion. There may have been more! *laugh* The menu lists this is mildly spicy, but I must say it was more on the sweet spectrum for me. I didn't really feel any heat. It was a pretty good dish, overall, but did nothing to replace pumpkin curry in my list of favorites! : )

Saturday night, a group of us joined Kaylie to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Our first stop was the new Jersey Grille for dinner. Shannon & Lee split some chili fries, which Shannan & I were allowed to share. The fries were my favorite kind - I don't know if you can tell from this picture - the crinkly, thick kind! : ) They were covered in a mild chili, tomatoes, onions & cheese. I'm not a fan of big onion chunks, so i mostly picked off the fries w/ just cheese. Pretty good!

Shannan ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, and pasta salad. I didn't taste the wrap, but she said it was "just okay." The pasta salad, however, I was fortunate enough to share, and it was delicious. We both agreed it was some of the tastiest we'd had. Not sure what the dressing was, but very spicy & good.

I decided to try (and trade some w/ Shannan for one of her pasta salads) Portabello Mushroom fries. Strips of mushroom caps battered & deep fried. There was some cheese & something else in there, too. The dipping sauce was a garlic ranch, I believe. Complimented the fries very well!

I also thought I'd try their white chicken chili, since I make one of my own. They appeared to use a broth rather than the cream of chicken base I use. Still, the taste was similar & I really enjoyed it. Spices included cumin & basil, and the big pieces of chicken and sour cream drizzled on top added to the luxurious feel of the soup.

After the enjoyable dinner, we headed to a nifty piano bar. There were two pianists, both very talented, and I had a lot of fun there! Of course, I sadly didn't take any pictures other than of the group. There were many disco balls that I wish I had recorded now!! *laugh* I'll have to see if anyone else in the group took one of those! : )
Until next time - keep an eye out for new places I should try, and let me know about them! : )