Wednesday, 30 November 2011


We used to depend on Air Tran airline to get us out of the Midwest and into the Keys before noon, but that early morning flight no longer flies out of our airport, so we had to catch a noon Delta flight. Because of all that, our first meal in Key West was supper. We hit BO's Fish Wagon. It was only a couple of blocks from where we were staying and one of our favorite places anyway. (I know I did an entry on this place last time, but I got better pictures and it is such a funky place)

The fist few times we were in Key West we did not eat at BO's because we couldn't find it. We went past it lots of times on the way to the harbor market (now closed, there is talk of making it into a bowling ally) and never saw it because it looks pretty much like an old truck covered with trash. That is called Key West rustic. It is mostly outdoors with rocky dirt floors, mismatched tables and chairs, decor that could be called driftwood deluxe, and rattling fans all around. It doesn’t look much better inside than out.

The last time I wrote on these pages I think I mentioned BO's shrimp on a stick. Yes, in heaven all shrimp will come on a stick either grilled plain, barbequed, or blackened. There will be six big juicy sea critters so fresh you can taste the sea with every bite, just like you get at BO's.

I like a side of homemade fries or coleslaw with mine, but Nancy, being not so finicky as I and of German descent as well, got black beans and rice with her's that she said were quite good. Oh, yea, you gotta have a cold beer with that. ( Landshark in the bottle works just fine).

We ate at BO's several times while we were in Key West. We always do. Usually ate pretty much the same thing every time. The price for two suppers for two as described was $32 and $29 with the tip. That is with beers. Lunch can be had for less that $20 if you drink pop and share some fries. Fresh seafood for not much more than a trip to the golden arches.

Speaking of fresh seafood, watch out for the sand crab that lives under the table by the door.

We tried to feed it but the little guy did not seem to like seafood. (unlike the chickens who wander around aimlessly and grabbed anything we dropped) The waitress said the crab's favorite food was toes. That is why I never wear sandals.

Bon Ton Roulett   Y'All  
Gene and Nancy

“Chew a little Juicy Fruit
Wash away the night” --- JB

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Key West Introduction

Hello, my friends!  Welcome to another installment of The Key West Chronicles!  
Thank you to Uncle Gene and Aunt Nancy for their awesome contribution.  
I TRULY appreciate it, and them!  

I'll be posting one a day til they're done.  
Be a dear & comment, would you?  
Have you been to the Keys?  Are you planning a trip?
What's your favorite color?  No, wait, not that one!  
What's your favorite dish featured here?
What's your favorite JB quote?
There may be a contest for comments going on in one of these posts, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready!  : )  

And now, without further ado...

Carrie has once again asked her somewhat addled uncle to contribute some entries to her much celebrated  food blog. It is back to that 100 mile chain of islands that stretch from the tip of Florida into the gulf of Mexico.

Yes, it is back to the keys!

This time we will be eating our way around that wild and mysterious place called Key West. (The Spanish called it Cayo Hueso, translated “Isle of Bones”, because is was covered with bones of many Indian battles that took place there. Drunk Americans couldn't pronounce that, so they called it Key West … Close enough)

There are lots of cool places to eat in Key West. Hope we can pass on some useful information and get you a little hungry along the way.

The picture is Key West harbor near sunset. We did a lot of eating and enjoying this view at the same time. Food always tastes better with the ocean in the neighborhood.

Bon  Ton  Roulett   Y'All  
Gene and Nancy

 “But there's this one particular harbour
So far but yet so near.”
--- JB

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Las Margaritas - New Mexican restaurant in town

Hello, my foodie friends!  
Uncle Gene gave me a disc w/ the Key West posts - but my computer is being anti-social & not letting me download from the disc.  In fact, it won't even OPEN the disc... *pout*  
So, I'll be attempting to email the posts to myself from a different computer.  We'll see if that works!
: ) 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd do a little review of the latest Mexican restaurant to open in town, Las Margaritas.  The owner used to have another restaurant, El Rodeo, which I LOVED.  I was sad to see it go, altho it was sold to another of my favorites, Azteca.  So I was happy to hear they were opening a new restaurant, and close to my house, too!  

Mom, Leyton & I ventured over there Wednesday night.  The service was very friendly, with our waitress even letting Leyton take her picture!  : ) 

The chips were brought to us warm and were just the right texture and thick/thin-ness.  Salsa was perfect!  I'm not one for a spicy salsa, I like it to be more sweet w/ a hint of cilantro.  We also ordered white cheese dip, which came out almost immediately after we ordered it, and it, too, was the perfect temperature and flavor.  

Leyton ordered a taco, beans & rice - altho he decided he didn't like his beans.  Mom had a vegetarian quesadilla, which she said was delicious.  It had mushrooms, green peppers, all sortsa goodies in there!

I had a combo, which included enchiladas, a quesadilla and a taco.  I don't always like the red sauce traditionally served w/ enchiladas, so I requested to sub cheese.  To be quite professional about it - Nom Nom Nom!  ; )  I added some more cheese & salsa & enjoyed it very much!

All in all, I would call this a successful dinner.  And with it being so close, I'm thinking carryout for lunch might be a good idea!  

Until next time - when eating at a Mexican restaurant, do you prefer salsa, cheese dip, or both?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Birthday (cake edition)

Today (well, November 19th - it's technically the 20th right now!) I turned 35.  To celebrate, we party!  : )  

Lunch was at a little Italian Bistro called Biaggi's.  Or, as Sarah called it - the fancy restaurant.  

I liked my dish a lot, it was one of the daily specials, a linquini w/ white sauce, chicken and - this is what cinched it as my choice today - olives.  

The chicken was cooked well, the noodles were the perfect tenderness, and the olives added just the right bite of salt to the dish.  (I mention the chicken being cooked well because at some restaurants, the chicken has NO flavor, and it's always sad!)

Nicki chose the Muffaletta sandwich - ironically also because of the olives!  She said it was very good, and I actually took home 1/2 & had it before I left mom's - it WAS very good!!  

Along with the restaurant's provisions, we had birthday cake, baked and decorated especially for me by my friend, Nicki.  I think she did an AMAZING job - what do you think?

Aunt Nancy certainly couldn't wait to dig in!!  ; )  

There was even a frosting surprise in the middle, and it was quite tasty!!  If you're in the area & need a cake for any occasion, let me know & I'll get you in touch w/ Nicki.  She has done not only turtles, but shoes, pizzas, popcorn, Elvis, Toy Story, and many, many more!  

Until next time - what's the most unusual shape you've had in a cake?  : ) 

Stay tuned - Gene gave me a cd full of posts from their adventures in Key West this year.  
I'll be starting those posts as soon as I can!!  : )