Thursday, 30 December 2010

Granite City

My dear cousin, Jenni, lives in Alaska.  I had the wonderful blessing of traveling to see her walk for her Master's in Juneau several years ago, and really can't wait to go back!  : )  Meanwhile, I look forward to her visits home, such as this month for Christmas.  

Today I met her, her mom (Aunt Judy), Aunt Nancy & Uncle Gene (y'all know them from the Key West guest-posts!) for lunch at Granite City.  I adore GC, but don't get to eat there very often.  Their Cheddar Ale soup is, in a word, amazing!  

Today I tried something new, called The Overhill.  It's a simple, delicious sandwich made with turkey, bacon & tomato, and some sort of flavored mayonnaise.  Are you a fan of delicious flavor?  LOL  (And if you know where that quote is from, please tell me, because I can hear it in my head, but can't remember who's saying it!)  Loved also the pickle, but the cole slaw was not my favorite.  

Uncle Gene chose the 3 Cheese Ravioli, which I have had before and enjoyed.  

Aunt Nancy's Bedda Chedda burger, well-done, was quite beautifully put together, as well.

Aunt Judy had a lovely salad of some sort, whose name escapes me.

And finally, we have Jenni's scrumptious Chicken Caesar Chalupa.  I'm thinking of ordering one all for me during our next visit!  

Aside from the food, it's just nice to hang out with family & share stories & laughter!  : )  Until next time - who's your favorite family member to hang out with during a meal?  Or are you also blessed with many relatives you can hang out with?  I hope you are!!  : )  

Friday, 24 December 2010

Corn Cakes

Tonight, Mom & I braved the Christmas Eve snow to partake in something new at Applebee's.  We got stuck in the parking lot, and some very kind & helpful wait staff came out to push us into a parking spot.  Thanks, again, Applebee's wait staff!  : )  

Mom had one of my favorite salads, the spinach shrimp salad w/ warm dressing.  Mmm!  

I had a delicious new dish, called ... erm... Oh dear.  I didn't write it down, and it's not on their online menu?  So, I don't know what it was called!  But it was yummy, and kinda spicy.  Corn cakes on the bottom, grilled chicken breast, topped w/ ham & cheese, bacon, and a sweet bbq sauce, with a spicy corn salad thingy on the side.  *laugh*  Wow, what a great food blogger I am today?!  

Anyway, I ate half & brought the other half home, so mom & I could split a blondie for dessert.  Also yummy!  : ) 

Until next time - what did you enjoy for eats this Christmas Eve?  Do you have a traditional family meal?  Do you eat out?  Do share, and Happy Christmas Eve!!   

Saturday, 18 December 2010


I called Mom to see if she wanted to go to Osaka for lunch & she did.  : )  We sat in the bar area because neither of us really wanted the "show" of the hibachi.  It's an awesome show, but we just wanted to chat & have a quiet lunch.  : )  

I decided to order something new, because even tho I love the Philadelphia roll, it's what I've ordered the past two times I was there.  So, today I ordered the lunch special which allowed me to try three new rolls!  What a deal!  *bounce*  I ordered the Tuna Avocado, Alaskan, and Crab Asparagus.  The presentation was amaaazingly cute!

I liked the Tuna & Alaskan, but wasn't that fond of the Crab Asparagus.  I think I might not like asparagus as much as I think I do?  Not sure, but at any rate, it was a super nice lunch, and only cost me $5!  (Note: this is because Mom bought lunch & I took care of the tip.  Lucky server, too, since it was a $20 meal!  Hee!) 

Until next time, what's your favorite sushi roll?  : )