Friday, 30 April 2010

TPC at Deere Run

Today was our team luncheon outing at work.  We went to the clubhouse of a local golf course.  It was sooooo beautiful there!  I'd forgotten to replace the SD card in my camera, so I only had a few photos, but one day I'd like to go back & take a bunch of photos of the course & grounds.  Just gorgeous!  : ) 

After this walk just to get in, I was thinking the food has got to be amaaazing.  : )

I'd faxed the orders over yesterday, since we have a rather large group, so our drinks & food were ready when we got there.  We were in a private dining area off the main dining room, and it was really nice in there!  The chairs were very comfortable.  Of course, ppl were sitting in them, so I didn't get pictures, because - and this is something I do not understand - ppl get antsy around cameras!  Anywhoo, it was a very nice room.  : ) 

I ordered the honey mustard chicken wrap w/ a side of fruit.  Wheat wrapped chicken w/ coleslaw & honey mustard sauce.  Yummy!  I was a little disappointed in the fruit cup - one strawberry, one sliver of pineapple, one tiny wedge of an orange, and a couple slices of honeydew & cantelope.  I just felt like there should have been ... maybe a bigger piece of pineapple & orange.  It was all delicious, tho! 

Also, I would have liked a pickle that I could have actually eaten rather than the jalepeno pepper (under the lettuce there on the left).  Ah well, can't have everything, right?  : ) 

Everyone had a good time, and I think we might be able to go back.  And if/when we do, I think I'll get the fruit salad with chicken.  Lori got that & it looked gooood. 

Until next time - Have you eaten at a golf course before?  What did you like about it??  : )

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Cracker Barrel

I've been wanting to go to Cracker Barrel for awhile.  I'd been there once, w/ Daddy.  I don't think it was the one here, tho, and I don't even remember much about it, other than it was loud & hard to talk in that one!  I have a group of cousins that calls CB their favorite restaurant.  When they were little, they would go there all the time, during all their travels!  : )  

So, Mom, Leyton & I decided to go there for our Thursday dinner this week.  I ordered hamburger steak, mac & cheese, and turnip greens.  I'd never had turnip greens before.  Can't say I'll ever have them again.  Heh.  No, really, they were okay.  I actually think it was whatever meat they were cooked with that I didn't care for, rather than the greens themselves.  I ordered the hamburger medium, but it came out rather more medium well, and kinda dry, so that was disappointing.  But the mac & cheese was very creamy & good, and Leyton's fries were tastey!  And the biscuits were delicious!  If we eat there again, I think I want to try their chicken & dumplings, tho.  : )

And really, how cute is he?  I'll go anywhere he wants!  : ) 

Until next time - happy eats! 

Monday, 19 April 2010

Road Trip Food

Mom & I travelled a few hours across the state to retrieve my car, which had been amazingly restored by the auto body peeps.  She looks as good as new!!  Good job to Hetrick Auto! 

Before picking up Chloe, Mom & I stopped for lunch at this lovely gem in Atlantic, Iowa:

They serve amaaaaaazing chips!  Light, not too salty, and complimented by a delicious salsa that was cool at first, but heated up your mouth the more you ate. 

Main course was a combo plate of a cheese quesadilla, beef enchillada, and beef taco.  They gained points (not that they needed them!) for using a yummy mild white cheese. 

I liked their decor, as well.  This artwork on the wall was my favorite! 

Sorry for the angle, it was right by where I sat!  *laugh* 

I met Joy & her family for dinner at Runza, which is always tastee in that fast food way.  : ) 

MMMM!  Gooey mushroom & swiss Runza goodness.  It's like the best "Hot Pocket" ever.  *grin*  And, crinkley fries w/ ketchup!!  : ) 

I had a very good time, tho as this picture details, I was a bit wore out from my day on the road.  Joy & Bobby both look cute in profile, tho!  And, this picture was taken by William.  I think he did a pretty good job! 

Until next time, Happy Eats!  : ) 

Saturday, 10 April 2010

IHOP Potato Dish

Blurry menu picture...vs. the dish itself.  Ohhhhh, yeah...!  : )   

And there were pancakes!  : ) 

Which Blogger won't let me post a picture of for some reason.  What do you have against my pancakes, Blogger?  Yeesh. 

Anyway, this was a new dish at IHOP that I decided to try.  It was quite savory!  Potatoes, mushrooms, ham, CHEESE, and green onions, which I scraped to the side because I forgot to ask for it w/out them.  *laugh* 

A good time was had by all tonight! 

Mongolian Grille

I love the concept of this restaurant.  It's a buffet, but raw.  Mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, peanuts, water chestnuts, baby corn, sprouts, chicken, beef, pork (freeze-dried, it looks like), eggs, noodles, sauces with names like Mongolian and Sesame Oil.  heh.  You pick your bowl size & then put whatever you want into it.  At the end of the line is a big open flat grill, in the shape of a circle.  The chefs take your bowl of raw ingredients & cook it for you right there as you watch.  They have neat tricks that they do while they cook, as well.  They walk around the circular grill w/ their sticks & just sorta push the food around, squirting water & soy on the grill at random times so nothing burns.  Then, when it's finished, they scoop it into a new bowl & send you on your way! 

The legend/history is that this is the way warriors cooked back in the day, and that they would use their helmets as bowls.  Isn't that neat?  But can you imagine - what if you didn't wash your helmet out all the way before placing it back on your head?  LOL 

With the noodle dish of your creation, you are also served a scoop of white sticky rice and a bowl of an amazing egg drop soup!  It could be from a package, I have no idea how they make it, but it's delicious!  My favorite egg drop soup so far anyway.  : )

Bon Apetit!  : )