Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chicago in July/August - The Meals, Episode 2

On Friday, we went to the Field Museum.  
Beautiful museum!  
On site, they have an eatery called the corner bakery cafe.  It's sorta like Panera... 

 I had a California panini.  Leyton is attempting to steal some chips... : )  
This panini consisted of tomatoes & artichoke hearts, and was definitely a different taste than I'm used to.  I didn't hate it - I ate the whole sandwich - but I wouldn't order it again on a return visit.  

 Dessert of these lovely pecan caramel pastries.  
Definitely would order again.  Just the right amount of nutty for my tastes!  

 Amazing croutons!  The salad was pretty good, too.  
Spinach & mixed greens, strawberries, grapes, oranges, pecans... 
And a strawberry vinegrette.  I liked one cup but not the other, so am wondering if they were made in different batches.  

 Leyton ate pretty much his whole salad, except the strawberries!  : )  
He even really liked the dressing.  
Mom & I weren't sure he would, since it's kinda a different taste.
(And also, he doesn't like strawberries, but will eat strawberry flavored things just fine?!) 

 There was a cheese spread for the croutons.
I want some, RIGHT NOW!  
They were crunchy and sweet, and with the cheese spread, they brought me over the moon!  

 Leyton's dessert - monstrous M&M cookie.  
It was tasty, but could feed a small village...
Yes, we all shared the cookie... LOL  

Leyton likes to, erm, commandeer other ppl's drinks.  
: )  
And we love to share!  

Haven't eaten here as of yet, but with a name like YANNI's, I'll have to try it eventually!!

Next up - Weber Grill, oh yes indeedy do!  

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chicago in July/August - The Meals, Episode 1

I am really quite shocked that I didn't even have this post started!  
I'm fairly certain I must have dreamed writing this post, because I can see it in my head (including the pictures I used!) but can't find it in my archives.

So - if you've seen this before... erm... point out to me where I published it, because I am lost!

Thank you kindly!  

And so, here we go... Back in July, Mom, Leyton & I went to Chicago for an extended weekend of fun, and also to pick up Anthony from the airport.  We left on Thursday & stopped in a little town in Illinois for lunch.  Family restaurant type deal.  Normally this would be a source of excellent, homemade food, right?
Well, their soup was good at least!  (Split pea.  Mom & I both enjoyed it.)

Unfortunately, that was the only good thing.  Leyton didn't even eat his cheeseburger!  Mom tried a Monte Cristo sandwich, which on the menu appeared to be what one would normally associate with that name... 

I decided to give their corned beef a try, as the picture in the menu looked quite appetizing.  

*buzzer again*  
Not so much!  
What is on that plate does NOT look appetizing at all.  
Well, except for the fries.  Those weren't awful.  

A very disappointing meal, and not a great start to our adventure!  Thank God that soup had at least been delicious, so we had eaten something filling!  

Our next meal was a bit more enjoyable... 


Step 1: 
Vanilla ice cream in a cup.
Step 2: 
Add BBQ sauce.
Step 3: 
Add Ketchup.
Step 4: 
Laugh diabolically at the genius of your creation.
Step 5: 
Add leftover caramel sauce. 

Step 6:

Step 7:
Wash that "genius" idea right off your taste buds.

Until next time - what's the craziest combo you've come up with?  
And what did you think after you tasted said combo??

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Coming Soon!

Greetings to anyone who is still hanging in there & reading my Menu!  I have been a slacker lately, and for that, I extend my apologies!  

The good news is that I have a couple of posts in the works!  Hooray!  

Are you ready for even MORE good news?  My dear Aunt Nancy & Uncle Gene have agreed to be guest contributors again this year, sharing more adventures in food from Key West!  Double Hooray!!  : )  

I'm more excited about that than I am about the posts I'm working on - but don't worry, those will be good, too.  Heh!  

So, check back later this week for some interesting tales of things made to eat at home (some worked, some most certainly did NOT.  Pity!) and things tried out & about!  

Until next time - where have you been eating lately?  Has "the economy" forced you to eat more meals in?  Have you had a windfall & been eating more meals out?  Do share, if you'd like!