Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chili's Wrap

I meant to write this post earlier -  Monday Becca & I met for dinner, after I had attempted (and failed) to find the visitation site for my uncle Gary...  I had a very well-put-together Southwest Wrap with an interesting ranch dipping sauce.  I enjoyed it quite a lot - 1/2 for dinner & 1/2 for lunch on Tuesday!  : )

I need to work on my food photography, I know.  *sigh*  These loaded mashed were very well done!  Mom, the boys & I went to this same Chili's the following Thursday, and I had some loaded mashed, and they were okay but not nearly as impressive!

One of the best things I can tell you to do at restaurants, tho, is to ALWAYS drink water.  I choose water w/ lemon 95% of the time when eating out.  Not only does it save $2 (or more, if you're drinking from the bar) but it helps control portions.  Water is a great filler, and the lemon makes it refreshing rather than heavy (a problem I have w/ water consumption for some reason).

Now, to be fair - most of the time I have a Diet soda or tea or coffee either waiting for me in the car (in the winter) or I run to the gas station for one after dinner.  : )  It's just that it then costs like $.85 rather than $2!  And if I haven't had a lot of DP that day, and it's a good Pepsi place, I will order a DP.  Some places have awesome fountain soda that just must be consumed.  Also, this is a "rule" I do not follow at fast food - a good Coke Zero or Diet Pepper from CFA is sparky goodness!

Until next time - what's your go-to drink when eating out?  Do share!

Granite City - Idaho Nachos

Today I met Aunt Nancy & Uncle Gene, Aunt Judy, and cousin Jenni for lunch at Granite City.  I had cheddar ale soup (always, it's my favorite!) and Lemon Basil Chicken Linguini.  

Not a fan.  Hopefully I'll like it better as leftovers.  It was too ... there was something in it that I didn't like.  Can't pinpoint what it IS, tho!  I mean - I like lemon, I like pepper, I like basil... ??  So... yeah.  Thankfully, everyone else had good food!  And I had the soup ... : )  

Aunt Nancy had stuffed tortellini w/ a creamy marinara sauce that I'll want to try next time.  (Uncle Gene had an Alfredo dish that I didn't get a picture of for some reason!)

sorry that turned out way more blurry than it looked on the camera!

Jenni's usual Caesar Chalupa salad was sadly no longer on the menu, so she got a chicken wrap that she said was very good - kinda like chicken salad inside instead of large chunks, and this way made it easier to eat.

love the presentation on this one!

Aunt Judy had the delicious and beautiful - Idaho Nachos!  Waffle fries done up w/ cheese, bacon, tomatoes, sour cream & a yummy garlic cream dipping sauce on the side.  I only had a couple bites (staying w/in my meal plan, you know!) but I could certainly see getting this again as an app for the table.

big laughs cuz the whole meal just about slid off the plate...!  

Our next trip to GC will hopefully be for Sunday Brunch!  :)  

Until next time (which might be soon... LOL)  -  what staple do you insist be on your brunch buffet to call it "good?"  

Parmesean Crusted Tilapia

Whoops!  Every time you see "pecan" just sub "parmesean" for me, k?  LOL  

Friday night I met my friend Erin for dinner.  We were going to Red Robin, but she has made a commitment to not eat meat on Fridays, so we went to Red Lobster instead.  I hadn't been there in awhile.  Normally, I get their seafood pasta, because it's quite tasty!  However, last night I saw something on the menu that sounded even better than pasta - pecan crusted tilapea!  Served with a really sad portion of broccoli and a baked potato whose skin had seen better days, tho.  That part was disappointing, but they both at least tasted alright.  : )  

The fish, tho, was buttery & light, and SO delicious!  I will definitely order it again (if I remember LOL).  I'll just go w/ mashed potatoes next time maybe.  

I did eat some biscuits, as well, when we finally got them.  I mentioned on Musings that I wasn't really impressed w/ our waiter.  Friendly enough, just seemed like he might have been a little over-worked.  

Still, YUM.  : )  

Erin enjoyed Walt's Favorite Shrimp.  And she said the mashed potatoes were good.  

Do you eat at the Lobster?  What do you like to get?  I need some suggestions for next time!  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Olive Garden Goodness - Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  

Today Mom & Grammy decided they wanted to lunch at the Olive Garden.  I went there at 11:15 - they open at 11? - to get a table.  Mom & Grammy would be there at 11:30.  THEY WERE ALREADY PACKED with a 30 minute wait!  What the what?!  I got the beeper & stood in line outside.  It was a beautiful day!  : )  While in line, I heard that the restaurant opened at 6 AM.  D'oh!  I wonder if they served breakfast dishes that early, or if ppl actually came in that early for pasta?!  Hmmm.  

Anyway, finally the buzzer went off & we got our table.  

Grammy was happy to be there, really!  ; )  

Mom & Grammy kinda fought over the bill, which was way cute.  I would love to be able to buy them both a nice meal!  I've occasionally be able to buy ONE a nice meal at a time... heh.  

Anyway, I had the lovely Four Cheese Pastachettis w/ grilled chicken.  SO GOOD!  Cheese lasagna stuffed w/ four different kinds of cheese.  The chicken was smothered in a cream sauce, tomatoes & spinach.  Delightful!

I also had the Chicken Gnocchi soup, which was tasty, and breadsticks.   Yummy garlicky goodness!  

For dessert, we ordered one each of the Dolcini Little Dessert cups. The amaretto tiramisu and limoncello cake were my favorites.  

Until next time, what's your favorite thing to do for Mother's Day?