Monday, 26 December 2011

Key West - The Lazy Gecko

Greetings, y'all!  Sorry I've been slacking on the post a day, but between Christmas & computer issues, well... yeah.  I'll be on vacation myself this week, so I'm setting up a couple posts.  When I return, we'll finish out w/ the remaining ones.  Thanks again to Uncle Gene & Aunt Nancy for writing such great material!  Hopefully when I return I will also have some nice posts about East Coast seafood... : )  
Also, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and will enjoy a blessed 2012!  Until next time... 

We were wandering around old town one day and decided to hit Amigos Tortilla Bar on Green street and try one of their shrimp breakfast fajitas. We were disappointed to find them closed, not permanently we hoped. We figured we would settle for some simple bar food, so we stopped into Cowboy Bill's about a half a block away. But Bill didn't serve food. The bartender told us to check out the Lazy Gecko just around the corner. The old dude sitting at his own well worn bar stool said as we walked out, “Be sure you and your gal friend come back and have a drink with us after you fill your stomach.” He thought he was Captain Tony, and he could have been but I know for sure that Captain Tony is gone.

We got some pretty normal food at the Lazy Gecko. Nancy got a tuna sandwich ( she never gets that at home when I'm around because I don't like the nasty dead rotten fish smell. How can anyone eat something that smells so bad?  But, we were pretty much in the open air at our sidewalk table so I tried to deal with it. I'm a nice guy like that) and I got a French dip with Swiss cheese.

Gee, we could of got that at home in the Midwest, but it was just the mood we were in. They were both quite good and the bill came to $33 with tip and drinks, a little high for lunch, but we sat there for awhile having several drinks being lazy like the sign said and watching people stroll by on Duval street.

Just the attitude to have on a hot Key West afternoon.

Bon Ton Roulett  Y'All
Gene and Nancy

“Got a schoolboy's heart, and a novelist's eye” – JB

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